Lantern Festival

Lantern festival

Lantern festival is also called as Moon Cake Festival or Mid-autumn Festival, falls on 15th August in Chinese calendar. The festival celebrated by Chinese community with a beautiful folklore story.

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Lantern Festival – A Chinese festival

Chinese usually eat mooncake to memorial Chang’e, the moon Goddess of Immortality who was the lady took the elixir accidentally and flew into the sky, eventually stopped at the Moon. The folklore story continues until today and remark the festival.


Mooncake is a round pastry similar with fist-size, baked pastry ingredient include lotus paste or red bean paste with duck egg yolk at the middle, therefore mooncake cut into pieces, a slide of mooncake with brightness colour of egg yolk which can triggering appetite.

You can simply find variety taste of traditional mooncake or new taste of mooncake in shopping centre within nearly 2 month in exhibition counter, other race also enjoy to have a festival feast on it.

Another significant of Lantern festival is lantern literally
Another significant of Lantern festival is lantern literally

Instead of mooncake, another significant of Lantern festival is lantern literally. As usual, family gathering together to have a bite of mooncake, and bring children holding decorated lanterns in the garden or take walk with lantern which electric lantern with light or candle lighting up the lantern.


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